Wazifa to stop job transfer

Wazifa to stop job transfer | Best wazifa to stop transfer, “You will know better if you are doing job with multinational or governament organization that sometimes your transfer are make when you are unwilling by that transfer which are done by company for their benefit or sometime to punish you however the issue is now don’t confuse because here is the way to seek help from Allah.

I am going to show you urdu wazifa to stop your job transfer which are in the following. If in your job you have been transferred to another city or office and you don’t want to go there then here is the wazifa to stop your job transfer. How to attract a girl

Wazifa to stop job transfer | Best wazifa to stop transfer

Recite After Esha namaz Surah Lahab 21 times everyday
Don’t Read Darood Sharif or Bismillah with this wazifa
Don’t wear anything on your head means you will be bare headed
This condition is also for women to don’t wear anything on your head means Hijab or scarf
Women can’t do this wazifa during menses period.
Pay full attention when you are doing this wazifa

The minimum time of for this wazifa is one week but if your transfer not stopped in a weak do it until your transfer stop but normally it happen within week. Offer namaz five times daily and help needy people according to your needs. Which is the best wazifa for bad dreams

wazifa to stop transfer
transfer rokne ki dua
transfer rokne ka wazifa
dua to stop transfer
best wazifa for transfer
transfer ke liye dua
powerful wazifa for job success
transfer rokne ke upay

Best wazifa to stop transfer

It is important to have a good job in running the house. A person without a job is incomplete.If you think that your job is going to be transferred soon, you should read this statement before that. Dua to stop job transfer, Insha Allah can save your job. And no one can take your place of job. Anyone who is a job is good, but it takes a little time to understand him.

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