Relationship between Man and Wife in Islam | Husband wife relationship

Relationship between Man and Wife in Islam | Husband wife relationship, “It is indeed Allah’s mercy upon mankind that He created spouses for human beings and that too from their own kind. Imagine the world with humans living without a spouse. Or imagine if a spouse was not from same kind i.e. suppose a human had a spouse from community of Jinns etc. It would have been very Difficult to achieve compatibility. Alhumdolillah, the mercy of The Almighty is vast. He has blessed the mankind with this beautiful relation of husband-wife. Issue between husband and wife

1. Husband & Wife are screen for one another.

Relationship between Man

This is an exceptional relation where the two have no Hijab among them. They are said to be screens or dress for each other. One should remember the strictness of Hijab to be observed by a lady. And some requirements of covering the Satr or Awra are to be observed even in front of the parents, siblings etc. But the only relation in which there is no Hijab is the relationship of husband & wife. And both partners have full liberty to this allowance. Quranic dua for love between husband and wife

2. It is obligatory for a husband to give Mahr to his wife.

Mahr is the bridal money which a husband gives to his wife at the time of marriage. There is no specified rule to fix the amount of Mahr for any marriage. It depends upon financial status of the groom and is generally mutually agreed between the two parties (families of bride and groom). Love making between husband and wife in islam

Relationship between Man and Wife in Islam

This is a clear order from Allah for husbands to treat their wives with dignity, not to be harsh with them in words, actions etc. Every human has some shortcomings. It is natural for a wife also to have some negatives in her personality. But Allah advises the husbands to look into positives of the wives. Try to ignore her shortcomings and be patient. Ungrateful to Al-Ihsan (good favours done to them). Even if you do good to one of them all your life, when she sees something (not of her liking) from you, she will say: I have never seen any good from you.”

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