Amal To Control Anger

Dua To Increase Sperm Count

Dua To Increase Sperm Count , ” Allah Almighty says in Quran Then made him a drop of fluid in a secure shelter.(Surah Mominoon, verse 13). In Holy Quran it is said for atleast 11 times that man is being created from a drop of fluid. Recently science has discovered that just 1 out of
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Wazifa For Bad Husband

Wazifa For Bad Husband , ” Husband and wife are the two important pillars of Islam who are responsible for care and maintenance of their children. This relationship, therefore, has given importance and plays a pivotal role in the growth of entire culture. A wife who really cared for her husband started an amal and
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Dua To Control Anger

Dua To Control Anger , ” Anger is like a fire, anger is like a burning hot coal which will burn you if you touch it. Never be like a burning coal. ALLAH Azzawajal has granted a variety of emotions to human being. Without them we cannot even assume our lives. Anger, Love, Hatred, Jealousy,
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